Colby Covington vs Tyron Woodley


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For UFC Fight Night we have Colby Covington vs the former Champ, Tyron Woodley. Coming into this fight Tyron Woodley is the underdog as he's appeared to have lost a step after back to back losses to Kamara Usman and Gilbert Burns. In his last fight against Gilbert Burns, Woodley looked completely outmatched struggled to stand his ground leading him to backing up into the cage where he was slowly picked apart by Gilbert Burns. Colby Covington is expected to push the pace which should spell trouble for Woodley if he's gonna fall back into bad habits and fight with his back against the cage. This fight is probably going to a decision as I don't see Covington being able to finish Woodley since lacks the power of a Burns and the same goes for Woodley despite Covington's suspect defense. Tyron Woodley's best chance would be a KO finish as Woodley possesses incredible power, but Covington can take some punishment, and if Woodley is going to try and fight off his back foot and his back against the cage like the last time his opportunities will be sparse. For Woodley to win in a decision he'll have to incorporate his wrestling as I don't see him winning this fight with 5 rounds on the feet with this game script. That just leaves Covington with the decision win since even Woodley's decision scenario is dodgy since Covington would be more likely to secure the takedown and trips.