Charles Rosa vs Darrick Minner


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Charles Rosa and Darrick Minner are facing off in this lightweight matchup on the main card of UFC Fight Night: Blades vs Lewis. Charles Rosa is 13-4 in his career with a 4-4 record in the UFC. Darrick Minner is 25-11 with a 1-1 record in the UFC.

Charles Rosa is a BJJ black belt who utilizes karate. Rosa has never been finished by submission in career so far. Charles Rosa has had a tough run in the UFC with a couple of unlucky breaks where his only decisive loss came against Bryce Mitchell. Charles Rosa has been rather competitive in his UFC fights winning fight of the night multiple times, going toe to toe against 4th ranked featherweight Yair Rodriguez losing to a split decision.

Derrick Minner has won 22 fights via submission with 19 of those being chokes. Derrick Minner so far has shown to be a one-trick with his submission game that lacks variety in itself. Derrick Minner's fights tend to end early with Derrick Minner never seeing the 3rd round of a fight as he likes and dies by the submissions with 30 out of his 36 fights ending in submission.

Charles Rosa should have a distinct advantage in the striking game with his karate. If Minner can't get to the floor he could get clipped and end up in serious trouble. Minner should be able to get this fight on the floor at some point but Charles Rosa is comfortable on the floor as he is not only the more well-rounded fighter in this one but also has the better grappling. Ultimately Darrick Minner has a history of finding himself in sticky situations where he's forced to tap, as a black belt, Rosa has the ability to tap Minner but a TKO also in play for Rosa.




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