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Aleksei Oleinik and Chris Daukaus are facing off on the main card of UFC Fight Night: Blades vs Lewis. Aleksei Oleinik has had an impressive MMA career with 59 wins to 14 losses, and an 8-5 record within the UFC. Chris Daukaus is 10-3 with his first two fights in the UFC resulting in first-round finishes.

Aleksei Oleinik specializes in sambo and jiu-jitsu which has led to him securing 46 victories by way of submission. Aleksei Oleinik is coming off of a loss to Derrick Lewis is happens to be on the main card of this fight. Oleinik the loss against Derrick Lewis does highlight something important as most of his losses have come by Oleinik being finished by KO/TKO.

Chris Daukaus is a cop out of Philly with all of his wins aside from one resulting in a KO/TKO. Chris Daukaus is primarily striking based with his boxing skillset but he does have a Brazilian jiu-jitsu background, so while we have yet to see it on full display, it does exist. Chris Daukaus's hook is his biggest weapon as he can use to overwhelm and knock out his opponents.

At 43 Aleksei Oleinik is at a server speed disadvantage with Chris Daukaus being one of the faster heavyweights. Aleksei Oleinik is completely outmatched in the stand-up game with his best chance of winning this fight being taking Daukaus to the ground and forcing a tap. With Daukaus being a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Oleinik getting a submission win is not a gimme. The best way to deal with Oleinik is to stop him with heavy shots and to be wary of the clinch as he will attempt an Ezekiel choke from anywhere. This fight will not be going the distance but the bookies are well aware of this so, if leaning to Oleinik your best bet would be a win by submission as he won't be able to outbox Daukaus. I'll be taking Daukaus as he posses the speed and power to put away Oleinik.




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