Minnesota Vikings vs Houston Texans


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The Minnesota Vikings (0-3) face off against the Houston Texans (0-3) in this week 4 matchup.

The Vikings come in to this game 22nd in total yards per game on offense (340.3 Yds/Game) passing for 193.7 Yds/game and rushing for 146.7 Yds/Game. The Vikings are 30th in total yards allowed on defense per game (440.0 Yds/Game) allowing 292.3 Yds/Game through the air and 147.7 Yds/Game on the ground. The Vikings have 3 sacks, 2 interceptions, and 0 fumble(s) recovered, while giving up 7 sacks, 6 interception(s), and 2 fumbles lost this season.

The Texans comes in to this game ranked 28th in total offense (308.0 Yds/Game) passing for 242.0 Yds/Game and rushing for 66.0 Yds/Game. Texans are 23rd in total yards allowed on defense per game (387.7 Yds/Game) allowing 199.3 Yds/Game through the air and 188.3 Yds/Game on the ground. Texans have 7 sacks, 0 interceptions, and 0 fumbles recovered, while giving up 13 sacks, 3 interceptions, and 1 fumble lost.

I like the Texans here, they have arguably had the hardest first 3 week schedule I've seen in a long time. Three losses doesn't represent this team well and I think they can bounce back and win with a sizeable victory here and cover the spread.