Los Angeles Chargers vs New Orleans Saints


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The Los Angeles Chargers (1-3) face off against the New Orleans Saints (2-2) in this week 5 matchup.

The Chargers come in to this game 6th in total yards per game on offense (400.3 Yds/Game) passing for 275.0 Yds/game and rushing for 125.3 Yds/Game. The Chargers are 19th in total yards allowed on defense per game (373.8 Yds/Game) allowing 263.0 Yds/Game through the air and 110.8 Yds/Game on the ground. The Chargers have 6 sacks, 2 interceptions, and 1 fumble recovered, while giving up 8 sacks, 3 interceptions, and 4 fumbles lost this season. The Chargers will be without Bryan Bulaga (T) and Tyrod Taylor (QB).

The Saints come in to this game ranked 16th in total offense (371.0 Yds/Game) passing for 251.0 Yds/Game and rushing for 120.0 Yds/Game. Saints are 6th in total yards allowed on defense per game (334.3 Yds/Game) allowing 236.8 Yds/Game through the air and 97.5 Yds/Game on the ground. Saints have 10 sacks, 3 interceptions, and 2 fumbles recovered, while giving up 5 sacks, 2 interceptions, and 1 fumble lost. The Saints will be without Michael Thomas (WR), Deontae Harris (WR), Janoris Jenkins (CB), and Justin Hardee (CB) in this matchup.

With the Saints missing Janoris Jenkins and Justin Hardee, I imagine rookie Zack Baun will get the start. I expect the Chargers will attempt to key in on whoever Zack Baun covers in this matchup as most rookie cornerbacks take time to develop into being reliable at their respective position. The Saints are also missing Michael Thomas so I can see Alvin Kamara and Jarded Cook (currently questionable) getting more touches/targets in this game. At -7 the Saints are the favorites to win, but they are missing key stars on both sides of the ball making them vulnerable in this game. I like the Chargers to cover this one. Justin Herbert performed well against a tough Buc's defense, if this isn't a fluke, I think he can keep this game within striking distance here.