Packers vs Bears



KEYS TO VICTORY: 1. Move Chains 2. Force Mistakes


KEYS TO VICTORY: 1. Trubisky game manage 2. Establish Montgomery 3. Keep Rodgers off Field
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The Green Bay Packers are taking on the Chicago Bears and should they come out victorious they'll be the number 1 seed in the NFC. The Green Bay Packers are sitting at 12-3 and are on a 5 game winning streak. The Chicago Bears are 8-7 and need this game to make the playoffs as a wildcard team.

Green Bay has averaged an astonishing 31.6 points a game with 257.9 passing yards and 135.9 rushing yards per game. Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams have been the best QB-WR duo in football with Davante Adams paving the way with 17 TDs. Rodgers also has an elite defense allowing Rodgers a margin of error which he rarely needs.

Chicago has been a mess with their quarterback woes as Mitchell Trubisky will be starting. David Montgomery has had his moments but oftentimes he doesn't have a large enough role to be a consistent factor but when he is he brings upside. Trubisky has been decent but he'll need his team to really carry him especially against the Packers who very well might stomp out Chicago.

These two teams have great defenses but Green Bay also brings one of the best offenses in the league. Chicago's offense won't be able to keep Rodgers off the field so Green Bay shouldn't have much of a hard time scoring. Green Bay should be leading the majority of this game so Chicago's most underrated weapon David Montgomery will probably be underutilized and Green Bay will start to pull away as Trubisky fumbles the game away.




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