Carolina Panthers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers


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The Panthers face off against the Buccaneers in this week 2 matchup. The Panthers are coming off a 34-30 loss to the Raiders last week. On offense for the Panthers, Teddy Bridgewater put up 269 yds and 1 touchdown on 22/34. Christian McCaffrey did his thing putting up 97 yds and 2 touchdowns on 23 carries. For Receiving, Robby Anderson led the way with 114 yds and 1 touchdown on 6 receptions.

The Panthers defense gave let Derrick Carr throw for 239 yds and 1 touchdown on 22/30. Joshua jacobs totaled 93 yds and 3 touchdowns on 25 carries agains the Panthers here. The Panthers lost a lot of key components on defense from last year, making them a troublesome matchup against the firepower of the Buc's.

The Buc's are coming off a brutal 23-34 loss to the Saints. On offense, Tom Brady was able to put up 239 yds, 2 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions on 23/36. Ronald Jones II led the backfield with 66 yds on 17 carries. Chris Godwin took in the most receptions with 6 on the day and 79 yds. Mike Evans was limited to just 2 yds receiving, and his hamstring injury seems to be getting in the way of his performance.

On defense, the Buc's were able to limit Drew Brees to 160 yds and 2 touchdowns on 18/30. Latavius Murray tallied 48 rushing yds on 15 carries agains the Buc's, while Alvin Kamara was able to get in the endzone. The Buc's also limited Michael Thomas to just 17 receiving yds.

I like the Buc's to cover the spread here. Their defense looks sharp and Tom Brady is going from facing one of the toughest defenses to one of the worst. This should be a great day for the Buc's offense and they should win in a marginal victory.