Baltimore Ravens vs Houston Texans


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The Baltimore Ravens and the Houston Texans will play this Sunday against each other in what should be an exciting game. The Ravens are coming off a dominant performance against the Cleveland Browns and made Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham look really bad with Odell only cathing 30% of passes thrown his way. The Houston Texans lost their opener as they faced off against arguably the best team in football in the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Ravens offense is led by Lamar Jackson, who scored 3 passing touchdowns with tight end Mark Andrews accounting for two of them.

The Ravens Defense held Odell Beckham to only 3 catches with 22 yards cathing while he was targeted 10 times. While the Ravens flourished in the passing game they gave up 138 yards on the ground.

Houston's offense fluctuated through the game and it wasn't onto the fourth quarter until Houston was able to score multiple touchdowns. Will Fuller V had an excellent game acting 8 passes along with picking up 112 yards. David Johnson who the Texans acquired in the Hopkins trade had a really good game compiling 77 yards on the ground on 11 carries along with an additional 32 yards through the air.

On defense, the Texans got cooked by Patrick Mahomes and rookie running back Clydes Edward-Helaire who ran for 132 yards and a touchdown.

Cleveland defense was a bit banged up and the Texans went against the best team in football so it's hard to know where these teams stand exactly on offense in terms of the Ravens and defense for the Texans. The Ravens should be able to cover primarily because of their defense which was among the best last season. while also going under since the biggest weapon the Ravens had last game was Mark Andrews who had 2 touchdowns and now Andrews will face off a much improved linebacker corp in the Texans versus the Browns.