Thunder vs Hawks


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The Philadelphia 76ers are taking on the Washington Wizards. Philadelphia is 25-12 and is on a three-game win streak with convincing wins over the Pacers, Jazz, and the Bulls. Washington is 14-21 and is coming off of a loss to Memphis in their return to regular season play now that all-star weekend has concluded.

Philadelphia currently holds the 1st seed for the eastern conference, thanks to their play which they have maintained through the break. In Philadelphia's win over the Heat, Philadelphia had neither Joel Embiid nor Ben Simmons.

Washington has improved their play from earlier in the season but they are coming off of a loss to Memphis with the resume of regular season play. If their rhythm has been disrupted due to the lack of games, this Washington could get exposed as they did earlier in the year since they lack talent

Philadelphia seems to have found their groove as they were able to pick up the win without their two best players. Washington's momentum could've taken a large blow with the loss alongside the lack of games. The Washington Wizards at their peak aren't as good as the 76ers at their peak since Philadelphia has all of the upside. Philadelphia will have Joel Embiidback but Beal is not someone you can completely count-out.




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