• Thinking One Step Ahead


As someone who's trained & sparred just over 1 year in the boxing gym, I gained a deep level of respect for the sport. Been a fan of boxing since the first time I saw Contender air on ESPN at 12 yrs old, & 17 years later I'm still amazed by the level of skill & willpower it takes for fighters to become elite. Boxing at the highest level is just like chess in the sense of thinking steps ahead, except in boxing when you make the wrong move you might get knocked out.

This is a in depth breakdown of the Spence vs Porter fight I made creating short gifs to show the techniques/combos being used in the fight & who I had in each round.

I know most on reddit know me for my MLB model but I will start to use the site mostly to upload interesting boxing & basketball breakdowns etc. 

With that said lets get into the fight!


Shawn Porter showing excellent head movement and anticipation early on in the fight!

They both start picking the pace up at the end of the round. A great exchange between them with each fighter landing shots.

Round Winner - Overall this round, Spence showed patience while Porter was the more active fighter. I’m giving the first round to Porter. 1-0


Shawn lands a real powerful 1-2-3 combo. Had Errol real off balance which is rare for him.


Spence lands a heavy 1-1-1-2 combo to the body then follows up with a few uppercuts. That said Shawn’s anticipation & footwork here is incredible.

Round Winner - In the 2nd Round, I give the slight edge to Spence as he starts finding his groove landing a couple more combos than Shawn. Overall very close fight til this point. 1-1



A great exchange where Porter closes the distance by throwing a 2 & keeping his head off the center line, then Spence returns with a strong 2 to the body. Errol is making an effort to attack the body any chance he gets.


The energy of the crowd is really starting to pick up with both guys displaying amazing defense.

Round Winner - 3rd round I have to give the edge again to Spence. Lots of exchanges from both fighters but the difference so far is Errol’s body shots. 2-1



Porter uses sharp faints like this all throughout the fight. Faints make it difficult for the opposition to time your shots & make you less predictable so this is a big help for Porter.

Nice left hook by Porter. He's getting into his groove now.

A great mix of combos here by Porter. Mixing up the body and headshots is making him very unpredictable.

Round Winner: Porter clearly won the 4th round. Overall landed more power punches/combos and dictated the pace. I got it tied up 2-2 so far!


Errol getting back to the body shots early in the round. This has been his bread and butter so far.

Most fighters would have dropped from this power punch by Errol but Porter ran right through it! The fact the punch was off Errol's back foot speaks volumes of the type of power he has.

Round Winner: This was a tight back and fourth round but I'm going with Porter as the 5th round winner. 3-2


The footwork Porter has to get out of the ropes and switch positions with Errol here is impressive.

Porter once again anticipating Spence's 1-1-2 combo nicely

The savvy vet Porter turning Spence around again then follows up with some body shots. Would like to see Porter capitalize a bit more in these spots. A well-timed hook to the head after Porter threw those body shots would have been perfect but that's easier said than done against Spence.

Round Winner: You can tell the game plan for Spence was to attack the body of Porter and he did that successfully in this round. That said, to me Porter was the more active, effective, & elusive fighter that round so that's who I have to win the round. 4-2 Porter

Part 2 on the way soon. Took me a couple of hours to make this so I appreciate anyone who took the time to read this! Boxing has so many more layers to it than what catches the eye when first watching it live, so I thought it'd only be right to break down this epic fight!